Since the beginning of our dot-com society, Print Necessities has designed over forty websites.  Not only does Print Necessities create all text, graphics and take necessary photos for your site but our websites are a fraction of the price of other websites through other advertising agencies.

The two questions we most often encounter regarding websites:  "Does my small business really need a website?" and "Will it be a lot of work for me?" 

Your business does need a website.  After all, it is a dot-com world and a good majority of consumers go online to find out more about you.  However, we do advise our clients that there should be continuity with all printed advertising, radio and TV advertising and their website.  Consistency and continuity are key.  We also advise that there are some businesses whose success does not rely on a website.  A website should serve as an interactive online brochure about your business.  If you are selling services, your website should explain those services and explain why you are the best choice for those services.  If you sell products, your website should feature those products, what makes your products best and why consumers should choose your business and your products.

Will your website be a lot of work to compile?  Not with Print Necessities.  Our goal is to take the headache out of advertising for you.  That is why we take time understand you, your business and your advertising needs.  We start with a concept that best describes who you are and then we write all text, create all graphics, take all photos necessary for your site.  Upon completion, we provide you with a draft of what we have invisioned.

We will also host your website on a monthly basis.  Often times, our clients ask that we make updates to text, graphics, specials, online coupons.  We also have clients who want to be able to make their own textual changes.  Therefore, we will train our clients to do so if they wish.

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