If you need it, Necessities Media Group will find a way to provide it.  Since our creation, we have changed our mission, our services to better meet the needs of our customers.  Now, we are able to offer all your advertising solutions in an effective, affordable way.

That's why we have changed our name from Print Necessities to Necessities Media Group.  We do so much more than "print advertising."  We offer you print necessities, web necessities, biz necessities, advertising, publicity and marketing necessities under one roof.

  • Advertising, Publicity and Marketing
  • Image Advertising
  • Business "Branding" 
  • Call-to-action Advertising
  • Create powerful websites that increase repeat and referral business
  • Update website on regular basis with new products, services, listings
  • Make graphic and textual changes to website or train your staff to do the same  
  • Create all radio commercials
  • Formulate an advertising campaign with a schedule to keep all advertising flowing and on-track 
  • Design and Print Newsletters
  • Design and Print Brochures
  • Design and Print Postcards
  • Design and Print Coupons
  • Design and Print Flyers
  • Design and Print Magnets
  • Design and Print Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Design and Print Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Enhancements of Current Logo
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Create relationships with advertisers, publications, area media
  • Help establish an annual advertising budget , schedule and execute all advertising
  • Receive all advertising-related calls and meet with contacts on all advertising decisions (to alleviate such calls from office staff) 
  • Write and Distribute Press Releases
  • Publication Printing
  • Take all the headache out of advertising
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Necessities Media Group
Formerly Print Necessities

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