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In 1997, Steve and Jaime Simpson began Print Necessities while they finished their college educations from Wichita State University.  Initially,  Steve, a business major, and Jaime, a Spanish and Journalism major, utilized their communication, advertising and design skills to offer custom-made newsletters to businesses with a database of customers.  They soon realized that many area businesses could not afford effective advertising and print materials through bigger advertising agencies and thus began to offer more services and products to meet their clients' needs.  After graduation, the two continued their advertising business and in 2000, Jaime left the teaching profession to run Print Necessities on a full-time business.  Since then, Print Necessities has grown and has helped many small area businesses grow.  Now in its eleventh year, Steve and Jaime continue to focus on small businesses and helping bring vitality back to downtown areas and those businesses within.

"We started with a newsletter for employees at Parks Motors.  They were so thrilled with the results that they asked us to design a newsletter for their entire customer-base," states Steve Simpson.  "I remember thinking, 'That's over 5,000 customers!  We're way beyond our ability!'  Surprisingly enough, we were able to make it work.  And from there, our business grew and took on  a life of its own."

"Since I went full-time with the business, I handle the creative end and Steve helps with the business end.  It works best that way.  We often stay up until midnight or one in the morning brainstorming.  He and I continually bounce ideas off of one another until we come up with effective advertising solutions for our clients," Jaime explains.  "In fact, we started Print Necessities without a name.  And we created the name during one of our brainstorming sessions."

In June 2008, owners Jaime and Steve Simpson decided to change the name, Print Necessities, to better explain what services they offer.  They chose Necessities Media Group.

"Clients constantly said, 'So you just do printing.'  That is why we decided to change our business name to explain that we offer any and all advertising and media needs," says Jaime.

"The difference between Necessities Media Group and other advertising and media agencies is that we go in and get to know the business owners, the business itself and its staff.  We learn the ins and outs of the business so that we truly understand the business's goals and so that we can offer effective advertising," states Jaime.  "It's all about making small businesses competitive in a world of big business and corporations.  After all, we are a small business in its eleventh year of business and we feel that every small business should have the opportunity to succeed."

A Family Thing

Steve and Jaime have been married since 1998.  In 2005, they adopted their first daughter Jaiden.  Just two weeks later, they found out they were expecting . . . their second daughter Jordyn was born eight months later.

"Ultimately, it's about family.  Our family.  Our clients' families," explains Steve.  "If our clients' businesses become more successful, they are able to yield more profits, grow their business staff and have the ability to spend more time with their family . . . and more means to plan for their family's future.  For us, it is the same.  Print Necessities allows us to work together and have more time with our children."

"When I'm working on a project and my girls are watching, I look at them and say, 'Some day, this will all be yours.'  They just giggle," Jaime says.  "If nothing else, we'll teach them to design websites and newsletters instead of doing the dishes for an allowance."

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